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Days-of-the-Week Gems

Fashion in some parts of the Orient suggests that certain colours of clothing and jeweilery be worn on different days of the week. As the most interesting gems to the Easterners are those exhibiting phenomenal qualities such as asterisms (luminosity in the form of a star from reflected light) or chato-yancy (iridescent luminosity producing a thin bright line), the stones for days of the week include these features.

Sunday <-> Sunstone
Monday <-> Moonstone
Tuesday <-> Star Sapphire
Wednesday <-> Star Ruby
Thursday <-> Cat 's-Eye
Friday <-> Alexandrite
Saturday <-> Labradorite



Wedding Anniversary Gems

The traditional articles for wedding anniversaries, which include several gemstones, go back many years in social usage. As the various items were assigned, it was considered proper to present the married couple with gifts made of these or related products. The list of traditional anniversary gifts, with a few variations, is shown below.

1 Paper
2 Calico
3 Linen
4 Silk
5 Wood
6 Iron
7 Flowers, Wool, Copper
8 Leather, Bronze
9 Straw, Pottery, China
10 Tin
11 Steel
12 Agate, Silk
13 Moonstone, Lace
14 Moss Agate, Ivory
15 Rock Crystal, Glass
16 Topaz
17 Amethyst
18 Garnet
19 Hyacinth
20 China
25 Silver
30 Pearl
35 Coral, Jade
40 Ruby
45 Alexandrite, Sapphire
50 GoM
55 EmeraM
60 Diamond (yellow)
65 Star Sapphire (grey)
75 Diamond

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