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While generally thought of as deep green in colour, verdite is found in an almost infinite variety of shades of green, sometimes mottled with yellow, red, white and light green patches. The only known deposits of this relatively soft stone are found in South Africa in the Barberton district where the first gold in the country was discovered and where some of the world's oldest outcrops of rocks, 3500 million years old, can be found. Verdite holds a great place in African life, both ancient and modern, as a stone used to produce traditional animal and other ornamental carvings and as an ingredient in preparations for improving fertility.

Verdite is considered a good medium to assist in linking with the spiritual world. It is believed to cleanse the blood, reduce toxicity and improve oxygenation within the body. It is also thought to soften abrasive character traits and -not
surprisingly, considering its value in African fertility - to treat genital disorders.


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