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The Significance of Gemstones in Dreams

Books written on the interpretation of dreams date back to the second century, and gemstones v, ere often mentioned ..

Agate -a journey
Amber - a voyage
Aquamarine - new friends

Beryl- happiness in store
Bloodstone - distressing news

Carbuncle - acquirement of wisdom
Carnelian - impending misfortune
Cat 's-Eye - treachery
- friends rejoined
- a time of need
Chrysolite - necessary caution
Coral- recovery from illness
Crystal- freedom from enemies
Diamond- victory over enemies
Emerald- much to look forward to
Garnet- the solution of a mystery
Heliotrope - long life
Hyacinth - a heavy storm
Jasper-love returned
Lapis Lazuli-faithful love

Moonstone-impending danger
Moss Agate-unsuccessful journey
Onyx-a happy marriage
Opal-great possessions
Pearl-faithful friends
Ruby-unexpected guests
Sapphire-escape from danger
Sardonyx-love of frieds
Topaz-no harm shall befall
Tourmaline-an accident

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